Cutting For Stone



Anul aparitiei: 2009

Nr. pagini: 541 pagini

Limba: engleza

ISBN: 9780099443636

Stare: nefolosita (noua)

Categorii: Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction, Carte straina, Carte nefolosita

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Marion and Shiva, born in Ethiopia in the 1950s, are the illicit twins of an Indian nun and British doctor. With wildly different temperaments, they grow up in a country on the brink of revolution, until a betrayal splits them apart. But fate will bring them together again. Spans the 1940s to the present day, from a convent in India to a cargo ship, an operating theatre in Ethiopia to a hospital in the Bronx. An exotic saga full of forbidden love and desire, betrayal, murder, medicine and family secrets.