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Anul apariției: 2022

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Limba: engleza

Stare: nefolosita (noua)

Categorii: Carte nefolosită, Invatare Limbi Straine, Limba Engleza


Cambridge uses cutting-edge language and pedagogy research to create innovative materials that teachers and students will love.

It is the first time that Cambridge University Press has designed a course specifically for Romanian schools.
English and Romanian teachers have created, through Limba engleză - studiu intensiv. Clasa a V-a, a textbook that follows the Romanian Curriculum step by step.
With Limba engleză - studiu intensiv. Clasa a V-a, learning English becomes much more interesting as you discover and explore the cultures and people of the world around you.

Eyes Open is a course for lower-secondary students, which will give you and your students all the tools you need for successful and enjoyable language teaching and learning. Teaching secondary students can be challenging, even for the most experienced of teachers. It is a period of great change in young teenagers' lives
and it sometimes seems that their interests lie anywhere but in the classroom. It is the teacher's demanding task to engage students in the learning process, and Eyes Open' s mission is to help them as much as possible to achieve this. After extensive research and investigation involving teachers and students at secondary school level, we've come to a clear conclusion: sparking students' curiosity and desire to learn is one of the main driving forces which can enhance and facilitate the learning process. The aim of Eyes Open is to stimulate curiosity through interesting content via impactful video, visual images and 'real world' content on global themes.

Comandă online Limba engleza. Studiu intensiv. Clasa a V-a. Ghidul profesorului (Eyes Open Level 1, Teacher's Book) la 66,00 lei scrisă de Garan Holcombe , Diana Todoran, tiparită la editura Art Klett în anul 2022. Cartea poate fi livrată în circa 2 zile cu plata ramburs sau online cu cardul.