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A Life of Jesus

A Life of Jesus

Autor: Melva Purkis

An publicare: 2005

Editura The Christadelphian

Nr. Pagini: 356

Limba: engleza

Starea cartii: foarte buna

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The book A Life of Jesus is an excellent work by Melva Purkis. The whole message of the scriptures turns on the life and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. To know about God and His Son is life eternal, the Lord said (John 17:3). Any study of the Saviour therefore has enormous personal benefit, for by seeing the Son, we see the Father also (John 14:9), and are led to worship Him. What the Gospel records provide in their combined message is a devotional account of the earthly ministry of God’s Son. They reveal not only the bald details of various incidents, but the attitudes and reactions of those who witnessed them, and the gracious teaching of the Master from heaven.

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